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The story, or, better said, the stories of those "Triestine Girls" who, at the beginning of the Fifties, left Trieste for the United States. All of them were very young, many still in their teens, all of them decided to leave to follow their dreams, a project, a man. They all placed a bet on their destiny and made an investment to build a different future for themselves. These women tell us the story of the city of Trieste and of the promised land they found during those years. The film is a private diary, describing our recent history through the voices of some of the protagonists of those times, who have been tracked down following a trail of photographs, names, acquaintances, small details. A documentary made out of archive material (records, videos, pictures) and interviews to seven of these women, each with her own story to tell: New York, Florida, California, Michigan and Virginia, through their memories, the places and people they love, their whole life. A vivid and many-voiced tale, thoughtful and delicate, at times full of irony, a glance back to history suggesting a possible encounter between past and future.

CAST: Iolanda Bowman, Claudia Herring, Ileana Mele, Fabiola Petronio, Nella Roberts, Dolores “Dora” Styers, Graziella Swaim
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 45 min.
GENRE: Documentario
RATING: USA: no rating

TIMES: May 24, no time restrictions

  Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.


Chiara Barbo is a screenwriter and producer of films and documentaries. Andrea Magnani, born in Rimini, writes for cinema and television. He has made several documentaries, primarily of a social nature, and his debut feature, the comedy Easy.

Regarding their film, Barbo said “I grew up listening to lots of stories about these beautiful girls - the most beautiful they said - who fled in the arms of American officers and soldiers to pursue the dream of a better life. I often wondered who these girls were, what they knew about America, and about the man they would follow to the other side of the world, what they thought, what they dreamed of, and what they found once they got there. "

DISTRIBUTOR: Courtesy of Chiara Barbo and Andrea Magnani