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Welcome to the Italian Film Festival USA!

Join Us!
Join us on a cinematic tour of Italy--all while in the comfortable seats of a venue near you!

Enjoy thirteen recent Italian films--captivating dramas, wonderful comedies and interesting documentaries--and two short film programs at one of 101 screenings nationwide.
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If you would like to be added to our email list to be notified of the Italian Film Festival USA in your city, please send your email address and indicate the city of interest—Boulder, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee-Madison, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland o St. Louis— to us at:

Fourteenth Edition
The 2018 edition brings you the best line-up of recent Italian cinema with films from award-winning directors, as well as debut films from exciting new talent.

This is your chance to see the latest and best in Italian film.

Day of Italian Research
We are celebrating the Day of Italian Research, April 15--which is Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday--with two screenings of the documentary The Sense of Beauty: April 14 at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and April 15 at Case Western Reserve University.

Anno del cibo italiano

To honor '2018 Year of Italian Food", there will be a one-minute video cooking lesson before each film screening. Learn how to prepare crostini, pizza, pasta, bistecca and affogato! Enjoy!
If you missed watching any cooking lessons or would like to view additional recipes, click and go to Volpi Test Kitchen's.

Year of Italian Food
We are celebrating "2018 The Year of Italian Food", as declared by the Italian Ministries of Culture and Agriculture, with the US premiere of the documentary Cucinì. This fascinating documentary takes you into the flavors, smells and colors of the Neapolitan gastronomic tradition.
In addition, with the drama The Last Prosecco, we recall the candidacy for the hills of the Prosecco-producing towns as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you love Italian cuisine and wine, don't miss these films!

Meet the directors and producers!
After each screening, there will be a post-film Q&A.
Katia Bernardi
Director Katia Bernardi and producer Davide Valentini will introduce their film Funne, Sea Dreaming Girls on April 4 in Cleveland, April 6 in Detroit and April 7 in East Lansing. Please join us in welcoming Katia and Davide to Cleveland, Detroit and East Lansing.

Davide Valentini
Anotnio Padovan Director Antonio Padovan and co-producer Alessia Gatti will introduce their film The Last Prosecco on April 27 in St. Louis and April 28 in Detroit. Please join us in welcoming Alessia and Antonio to St. Louis and Detroit.
Alessia Gatti

Director Ciro Fabbricino and producer Giosuè Silvestro will introduce their documentary Cucinì on April 28 aprile in Detroit. Please join us in welcoming Ciro and Giosuè to Detroit.

Giosue Silvestro

Director Andrea Magnani will introduce his film Easy on April 16 in Chicago, April 19 in Pittsburgh, April 20 in Detroit, April 23 in Madison and April 24 in St. Louis. Please join us in welcoming Andrea to the USA.


Thank You!
Sincere thanks to all festival sponsors for your ongoing support! If you would like to support the Italian Film Festival USA, please visit our Be A Sponsor page.
The Venues
Screenings are held in one of twenty-seven beautiful venues nationwide, such as the Detroit Film Theatre, built in 1927, which has 1,100 seats!
Detrit Film Theatre

Pif Director Greetings!
Pierfrancesco Dilibeto, Pif, director of At War For Love, and Marco Danieli, director of Worldly Girl, prerecorded gretings specifically for you, the Italian Film Festival USA audience, that will be shown prior to the screening of their film.
Marco Danieli