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"Selfie of Italian politics" - HUFFINGTON POST
PLOT: A name like Giuseppe (Peppino) Garibaldi is not an easy one to live up to. A man who is only to aware of this is Peppino, a simple provincial librarian, who in Welcome, Mr President!, the box-office smash of 2013, took over the reins of political power in Italy by mistake, but with great patriotic spirit. In this new film, our librarian/woodsman is once again called on to abandon the tranquility of his life in the mountains to return to Rome where he will help his wife Janis defeat a speculative plot intended to damage Italy and to get the country back on its feet.
CAST: Claudio Bisio, Sarah Felberbaum, Pietro Sermonti, Paolo Calabresi, Antonio Petrocelli, Guglielmo Poggi, Roberta Volpini, Cesare Bocci, Massimo Popolizio, Ivano Marescotti, Antonio Milo, Liliana Fiorelli, Franco Ravera, Marco Ripoldi, Marta Gastini, Maria Chiara Giannetta, Francesco Zenzola, Gigio Morra
YEAR: 2019
LENGTH: 100 min.
GENRE: Comedy
AWARDS: • Nominated, Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Comedy (Paolo Calabresi, Guglielmo Poggi): Nastro d'argento
RATING: USA: no rating; MyMovies 13+

TIMES: June 6, 7:00-11:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

  Please note, while the trailer may not include subtitles, the film will be screened with English subtitles.

Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe Stasi, born in Matera, are childhood friends who moved to Rome to attend Sapienza University. They began their careers by producing and posting on the internet satirical spoofs that had viral success. Their first full length feature film was AmoreOggi in 2014.

Regarding their film, the directors stated "The result is a 'sequel-non-sequel' that inherits characters, settings and themes from Benvenuto Presidente!, but there is a change in tone, staging and, obviously, the political scene. What we we tried to recreate is not a denoucement nor a grotesque representation of Italian politics, but a reinterpretation in a comedic and light tone, however, always plausible."

DISTRIBUTOR: True Colours, Largo Italo Gemini 1, Rome