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L'uomo che verra

Join us on a cinematic tour of Italy as we take a road trip down the Calabrian coastline (18 Years Later), walk across beautiful Basilicata (Basilicata Coast to Coast), ferry through the Venetian lagoon (Ten Winters), bicycle in Milan (Happy Family), take a train across Puglia (The Cézanne Affair), romp through the fields of Abruzzo (The Thin Match Man), zip across Liguria on a Vespa (The First Beautiful Thing) and soar above Rome (Hayfever)--all while in the comfortable seats of a venue near you!
18 Anni dopo
La prima cosa bella The Italian Film Festival USA, now in its seventh year, has grown to 10 cities. The 2011 edition brings you the best line-up of recent Italian cinema with fourteen films from award-winning directors, as well as highlighting debut films from exciting new talent. This is your chance to see the latest and best in Italian film!
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