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I film saranno proiettati in due luoghi a Pittsburgh:

University of Pittsburgh:  

Sei film saranno proiettati al campus dell'University of Pittsburgh.  Per una mappa dettagliata cliccare qui.

Frick Fine Arts Auditorium  

Tutti i film, tranne quello del 26 marzo, saranno proiettati nel Frick Fine Arts Auditorium (200 posti). L'aula è nel Frick Fine Arts Building che si trova al 650 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA

Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall  
Il film del 26 marzo sarà proiettato nell' Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall (300 posti). Il museo si trova al 300 Beechwood Avenue, Carnegie, Pennsylvania, 15106.

Travel Advisory: The long-term closure of the Carnegie (Exit 65) Interchange ramps at I-376 Parkway West in Carnegie Borough and Scott Township, Allegheny County begins Monday night, March 2 at 10 pm and continues through much of 2015.
We advise that moviegoers allow extra time to arrive in Carnegie for the 7pm screening of La mafia uccide d’estate, perhaps even dining in Carnegie’s business district to beat the rush.
For your convenience, we list here the quickest routes around the construction:
Travelling Westbound (Outbound) from the East End/Downtown Pittsburgh

  • Take the Greentree/Crafton (Exit 67) off-ramp; this is before the [closed] Carnegie Exit (Exit 65)
  • Bear left to north Route 121 towards Crafton
  • Turn left onto Mansfield Avenue
  • Turn left onto Noblestown Road
  • Noblestown Road becomes East Main Street
  • End detour


  • Continue past the Carnegie (Exit 65) interchange
  • Take the I-79 (Exit 64-A) exit and follow towards Washington South I-79
  • Follow I-79 southbound and take the Carnegie (Exit 57) exit
  • Turn left onto West Main Street (Route 3048)
  • West Main Street becomes Mansfield Boulevard (Route 3056)
  • Follow Mansfield Avenue into Carnegie
  • End detour

For more information, consult:
Parking: There is a small (30-35 spaces) parking lot directly outside of the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall entrances; we encourage any moviegoers who cannot walk up the hill to either use these spaces or be dropped off at the entrance. We encourage all other guests to use on-the-street parking or the municipal lot (directly across from the Carnegie Coffee Company). There will be a shuttle service operating from 6:30 until the film’s conclusion, shuttling moviegoers between the municipal lot and the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall up the hill.